The adventure of eating

Food is one of those pleasures of life, a necessity that we all love to hunt. When looking for a place to eat, we find an authentic diatribe because we always question all the restaurants we see without even entering them. If it is small we probably think that the service is bad, if it is a normal place we may think that the food is ordinary and if it is a very luxurious and perfect place we will surely wonder if it is worth paying for it.

That is why we must go for it safe and eat at Casa Carmen, one of the best restaurants in Barcelona. Enjoy in Casa Carmen the best dishes of Mediterranean and Catalan food, two of the best gastronomies that we can enjoy in Spanish soil. Casa Carmen makes the adventure of eating an unforgettable experience.

It is a special place, just by entering it we will realize how different it is to other restaurants. At Casa Carmen the diner is a king, and that is why he has all the local employees working for him. Once we try the food at Casa Carmen, we will not want to eat again anywhere else in the world. So do not forget to visit this pleasant place in Paseo de Gracia, north of the city.